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Welcome to Jatujak Weekend Market

The famous weekend market of the world.In our website, you can find many different kinds of products
ex. fashion clothes, Thai handicrafts, handmade furnitures, 2-hands jeans and shoes, limited edition products ,etc.
There are many easy ways to pay for your order , by ATM , by credit card that verified by visa and mastercard ,
by paypal or paysbuy account etc.

We hope you enjoy shopping in our shops. Thank you.


Jant's Desire 店目名称 Jant's Desire
Srijareon Lighting 店目名称 Srijareon Lighting
Sermsiri 店目名称 Sermsiri
Linethai 店目名称 Linethai
Roy Lem Kwean 店目名称 Roy Lem Kwean

The Platinum Fashion Mall