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Welcome to The Platinum Fashion Mall @Shoppingwebthailand.com website, currently we are on uploading shops to our website and there are still many shops waiting for you to choose, furthermore every shops in our website will update their new products every months with fashion and stylish clothes, shirt, trouser, underware, luggage, accessory and etc. Please come to visit us regularly, all our Thailand best products are waiting to serve you with special wholesale price. Thank you for visit us.

Welcome to The Platinum Fashion Mall

The largest wholesale clothing mall in Bangkok,Thailand.
In our website , you’ll find more than 1,000 shops
in the platinum fashion mall with many kinds of products.
For example, jeans , t-shirts , shoes etc.
You can buy all our products directly from the shops’website.
There are many easy ways to pay for your order , by ATM , by credit card that verified by visa and mastercard ,
by paypal or paysbuy account etc.
We hope you enjoy shopping in our mall. Thank you.

welcome to platinum shopping mall
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ตลาดนัดสวนจตุจักร / Jatujak Weekend Market
Bright Internet Cafe @ The Platinum Fashion Mall , Floor B, No.78
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